Want to Move Your Facebook Posts to the Top of Your Friends and Fans' News Feed?

Allan McNabb

By default, Facebook uses a ranking algorithm to show News Feed updates which it deems are most important and should, therefore, be at the top. As a result, with a basic understanding of Facebook's ranking algorithm, you can push your updates (posts) near the top of your friends and fans' Facebook News Feed, and keep them near the top longer.

Google Adwords Can Make The Phone Ring

Allan McNabb

One of our newer customers wanted the phone to ring. We did all the normal things like SEO and Content Marketing by adding content to his site. But these techniques won't immediately result in potential customers calling, so we added Google Adwords into the mix and the phone started ringing.

Find More Customers with Social Media

Allan McNabb

Businesses need more customers, and social media can help. In this blog, we explore strategies you can implement to find more customers with social media, without spend a lot more time.